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#13 Excavation Team

I remember this chapter. When I first developed it long ago, I had meant for there to be waaay more scenes of Montana and Elena just interacting with the Scavengers in a sort of conversational way. But I was pressed for time and had to cut down on a lot of those details.

But in my mind, just because something is deleted, doesn't mean it didn't happen. (Unless it contradicts the final material.) So here's a glimpse at my development:

When Elena is given the gold coins by Warren, she pulls out an entire desk and begins evaluating the coins to see if they're real or not. Meanwhile, Montana tries hitting on Camaron and she just plays along talking sweetly to him, and then giving him a bon bon. Montana being in fluster would happily accept the treat before Grou slaps it out of his hand and it explodes. Camaron and Uni start laughing at the stunned Montana while Grou admonishes his gullibility.

The scene would then proceed as normal from there, with the proper introductions and all.


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