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#10 Treasure Hunters for Hire

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

This was the story-line I was least looking forward to returning to. I designed Treasure Hunters alongside Saloon Mermaids, when I first tried turning Wet Frontier into a magazine, and the art often fell by the wayside.

This involved me trying to tell the story one page at a time with dialogue sectioned off. It was experimental and kind of crappy to make clear. But my efforts at trying to make it a more standard comic wasn't much better. Because I was so busy, I only had enough energy in me to make slight adjustments to in-between panels, which still didn't help the pacing.

Coming back to it now really really required some brain muscle from me to fix the pacing problems, and even then it's not entirely how I'd want it to be.

But the fact I am happy enough with it is a sign of how far I've come. The fact even work that isn't perfect I think is a solid introduction is awesome.

As for the story of these twins, get ready for some fun shenanigans in the following issues.


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